Please be advised that Madison Square Garden does not own, operate or have an affiliation with any parking facilities. For your convenience, patrons have the option to purchase discounted, pre-paid parking at select garages*, when placing their ticket order.

Individuals with disabilities who possess a New York City Special Parking Permit have the option to park on 31st, 32nd or 33rd Streets and also on 7th and 8th Avenues. Please pay careful attention to the rules and regulations on the back of your permit, which informs you where you may and may not park on New York City streets. Please note that New York City does not honor the blue New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut or any other out of state issued parking hangtag for the disabled or license plate for on-street parking. The Department of Transportation will ticket and/or tow vehicles that do not display the New York City Department of Transportation issued parking permit.

For those individuals with raised-roof vans, some of the indoor parking lots cannot accommodate these vehicles due to low clearance. As a general rule, most outdoor parking lots accept raised-roof vans, however, we encourage you to contact the parking facility directly to confirm their policies.

For more information on parking in New York City, please call the Department of Transportation at 718 433-3100 or visit The New York City Department of Transportation website. Madison Square Garden is not responsible for any parking tickets, vandalism, etc., incurred while parking for an MSG event or otherwise.


  Facility Location Address Telephone Raised Roof Height
Wheelchair Icon Central Parking* Indoor 1 Penn Plaza on West 33rd Street bet. 7th & 8th Avenue 212-563-1131 No 6'6"
Wheelchair Icon Central Parking Indoor 325 West 34th Street bet. 8th & 9th Avenue 212-279-7310 Yes 6'8"
Wheelchair Icon Central Parking Indoor 1250 Broadway bet. 31st & 32nd 212-695-4568 Yes 6'6"
Wheelchair Icon Central Parking Indoor 340 West 31st Street bet. 8th & 9th Avenue 212-594-1915 No 6'7"
Wheelchair Icon Central Parking Outdoor 300 West 31st Street bet. 8th & 9th Avenue 212-736-2036 No N/A
Wheelchair Icon Central Parking Outdoor 106-109 West 31st Street bet. 6th & 7th 212-971-0704 Yes N/A
Wheelchair Icon Central Parking Indoor 9-19 West 35th Street bet. 5th & 6th Avenue 212-268-8572 Yes 7'8"
Wheelchair Icon Meyers Parking* Indoor 230 West 31st Street bet.7th & 8th Avenue 212-736-8233 Yes 7'
Wheelchair Icon Trade Center Indoor/
839 6th Avenue bet. 29th & 30th Avenue 212-695-3896 Yes N/A

* Pre-Paid Parking Available


These hotels are located within one block of Madison Square Garden.

  Hotel Location Telephone
Wheelchair Icon Hotel Pennsylvania 401 7th Avenue at 32nd Street 212 736-5000
Wheelchair Icon Howard Johnson 215 West 34th Street between 7th & 8th Avenues 212 947-5050
Wheelchair Icon Ramada World Wide 481 8th Avenue at 34th Street 212 971-0101
Wheelchair Icon Affinia Hotels 371 7th Avenue at 31st Street 212 563-1800