Featured Events


Shlomo Artzi

Live at the Theater at MSG on April 26.

NYPD Boxing Championships

Superheavyweight & Heavyweight Fights on June 8.

Triumph KOmbat

Muay Thai & Amateur MMA on June 9.

Prince Royce

With special guest Luis Coronel on July 26.

The Avett Brothers
'Before the Show' at the Garden

Brandi Carlile
'Before the Show' at the Garden

From playing in front blades of grass as youngsters to now a packed audience at The World's Most Famous Arena, this moment was destined for The Avett Brothers. See how they prepared for the debut at Madison Square Garden during our "Before the Show" series.
Singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile lets the pressure of expectation fuel her drive as she hits the stage. See how her "family" on tour got ready to spark a fire in her long-awaited MSG debut during their "Before the Show" episode.

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